I propose several services of graphic facilitation. I’m ready to study with you any solution you need to improve the effectiveness of your working meetings. Please, contact me at for more information.



Shorts videos ‘handmade’ engage audiences to understand complex topics simply and impact the purpose. Perfect to market a product, services or events. Videos are also easy to share on twitter, facebook, linkedIn.

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Graphic recording in all domains (Agile, UX, technology, meetings, conference…) is a powerful tool to translate conversations, mettings, conferences in visuals on ‘big’ paper live in front of people. This art tool allows:

  • to memorize better the content of the conversation and be more focus in the current topic/reflexion.
  • to have a summary sheet after the meeting taking a photo with their phones.
  • Facilitate complex topics
  • Dynamise participants and create an great atmospher to the meeting, event.
  • Emerge great ideas by participants !



See examples >>



You want to create an unique and engaging animation agile workshop for teams to help them to improve their organisation, work and well-being. I will animate and draw before and during an Agile retrospective or Agile game, to get pains, ideas and go out with concret actions for the team.


You try to find ideas to motivate your team?

Did you think about the idea to refresh, clean, redesign their scrum board? To create an original and customized board adapted to their need and that give energy and motivation?

I can redesign for you, nice scrum boards for teams to create a clean and nice scrum board with motivated illustrations. Also, it will decorate your open space for customer visits.

If the team need it, I can also customize the board in relation to the need of the team. I will add custom sections to help the team to be better organized in sprint process and don’t forget milestones, meetings.

I will create something that will inspire the team to the same goal and will motivate them.



I can draw illustrations with a specific message for campaigns, marketing to easily share on social network like twitter, facebook and create an real impact value to the public.